We decided to create a traditional archery range and school when we discovered that there was not a single club, store or range in the Greensboro NC area that focused on traditional archery. Our goal is to provide full service for traditional archers of any experience level.

We provide an archery range where you can safely and legally shoot your bow in a variety of situations to challenge you as an archer and develop your skill. Archery instruction is provided for beginning and advanced archers. Our archery consulting service can assist you in finding the traditional archery equipment you need at the best price. We can help you set up and tune your new equipment. Maintenance service on your traditional bows and arrows is also available.

 Currently our facility is rapidly growing. New friends and traditional archers just keep showing up draw by a love for the bare bow. Whether you are looking to meet new friends or start your obsession with the stick and string Greensboro Traditional Archery can help.